Tune Of The Month

Archived Tunes 2007-2015
Month Tune/Midi Sheet Music
January 2016 Contributing Delinquency AM Contributing Delinquency AM
February 2016 Jamie Allen Jamie Allen
March 2016 Dusty Bob's Jig Dusty Bob's Jig
April 2016 Saro Waltz Saro Waltz
May 2016 Ten Strike TenStrike
June 2016 Alley Cat ***Copyrighted***
September 2016 Jump at the Sun Jump at the Sun
October 2016 Black Cat Schottische Black Cat Schottische
January 2017 Swallowtail Jig Swallowtail Jig
February 2017 Steppin' Out With George Steppin' Out With George
March 2017 Balleydesmond #2 Balleydesmond #2
June 2017 La Cumparsita La Cumparsita
September 2017 Louis Beaudoin's Reel Louis Beaudoin's Reel
November 2017 Emma's Pride Emma's Pride
February 2018 Inisheer Inisheer
September 2018 The Last Day of School The Last Day of School
October 2018 The Rights of Man The Rights of Man
November 2018 Patty Ann Patty Ann
December 2018 Aunt Hessy's White Horse Aunt Hessy's White Horse
January 2019 Francis Lake Soir'ee Francis Lake Soir'ee
February 2019 Girl With The Blue Dress On Girl With The Blue Dress On
March 2019 Bluemont Waltz Bluemont Waltz
April 2019 Boy's Lament For His Dragon Boy's Lament For His Dragon
May 2019 Centennial Foxtrot Centennial Foxtrot
June 2019 Rollstone Mountain Rollstone Mountain
July 2019 Goin' Uptown Goin' Uptown
August 2019 Waynesboro Waynesboro
September 2019 None US Air Force
October 2019 None US Army
November 2019 None US CoastGuard
December 2019 None US Marines
December 2019 None US Navy
February 2020 Jimmy's Favorite Jig Jimmy's Favorite Jig
March 2020 Eileen's Waltz Eileen's Waltz

  Adobe Acobat Reader is required to view the sheet music. All songs used with permission.