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Month Tune/Midi Sheet Music
March 2007 Wabash Cannonball Wabash Cannonball
April 2007 Texalousasippibama Rag Texalousasippibama Rag
May 2007 John Ryan's Polka John Ryan's Polka
June 2007 Hey Polka Hey Polka
July 2007 Doodler's Reel Doodler's Reel
September 2007 Ragtime Annie Ragtime Annie
October 2007 Turkey In The Straw Turkey In The Straw
January 2008 The Gale The Gale
February 2008 Gary Owen Gary Owen
May 2008 Bryson Hall Waltz Bryson Hall Waltz
June 2008 Pays de Haut Pays de Haut
October 2008 Carribbean Unavailable Due to Copyright
January 2009 Willow Waltz Willow Waltz
April 2009 Puncheon Floor Puncheon Floor
June 2009 Up The Buckhorn Way Up The Buckhorn Way
October 2009 Beer Barrel Polka Beer Barrel Polka
November 2009 Holly Berry Holly Berry
February 2010 Ramsey Schottische Ramsey Schottische
March 2010 Snake River Reel Snake River Reel
April 2010 Headin' To Evart Headin' To Evart
May 2010 Painter's Polka Painter's Polka
June 2010 Stone's Rag Stone's Rag
November 2010 The Cuckoo's Nest The Cuckoo's Nest
January 2011 Angleworm Wiggle Angleworm Wiggle
February 2011 Efterkaelken Efterkaelken
March 2011 God Bless America God Bless America
May 2011 Five Steps Down Five Steps Down
June 2011 Trillium Twirl Trillium Twirl
September 2011 Prairie Flower Prairie Flower
November 2011 Golden Keyboard Golden Keyboard
January 2012 Coleman's March Coleman's March
February 2012 Road to Lisdoonvarna Road to Lisdoonvarna
May 2012 For Me and My Gal For Me and My Gal
June 2012 Pig Ankle Rag Pig Ankle Rag
September 2012 Kiowa Special Kiowa Special
October 2012 Spider On The Bedpost Spider On The Bedpost
November 2012 Scollay's Reel Scollay's Reel
January 2013 Front Porch Waltz Front Porch Waltz
February 2013 Shennandoah Falls Shennandoah Falls
March 2013 Peter's Kick Peter's Kick
April 2013 Reunion Reunion
June 2013 Karjalan Polka Karjalan Polka
September 2013 Captain O'Kane Captain O'Kane
November 2013 Mr Gubbin's Bicycle ***Copyrighted***
February 2014 Dark Town Strutter's Ball Dark Town Strutter's Ball
March 2014 Single Footing Horse Single Footing Horse
May 2014 Hewlett Hewlett
June 2014 Bermudaful Bermudaful
October 2014 Black Bottom Strutt Black Bottom Strutt
December 2014 Riding On A Load Of Hay Riding On A Load Of Hay
January 2015 Frisco Waltz Frisco Waltz
February 2015 Dancing Bear Dancing Bear
April 2015 Swinging On A Gate Swinging On A Gate
June 2015 Washington Square Washington Square
June 2015 Violas Schottische Violas Schottische
August 2015 Liberty as a Waltz Liberty as a Waltz
September 2015 Cello Cello
October 2015 Metsakukia Metsakukia
November 2015 Till We Meet Again Till We Meet Again

  Adobe Acobat Reader is required to view the sheet music. All songs used with permission.