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Tune Key
Alabama Jubilee  C 
Alley Cat  C 
Amazing Grace *  G 
Angel Dance *  G 
Angeline The Baker  D 
Angleworm Wiggle  D 
Apple Peaches Pumpkin Pie  C 
Arizona Waltz  G 
Ashoken Farewell  D 
Aunt Hessy's White Horse  G 
Balleydesmond #2  G 
Band Played On *  G 
Battle Hymn Of The Republic *  C 
Beaumont Rag  D 
Beer Barrel Polka  C/F 
Bermudaful  D 
Black Bottom Strutt  G 
Black Cat Schottische  C 
Blueberry Splash  G 
Bluemont Waltz  A 
Boy's Lament For His Dragon  D 
Bryson Hall Waltz  G 
Cabri Waltz  G 
Captain O'Kane  G/Em 
Carl's Piece In "A" *  G 
Carribean  G 
Cello  C/G 
Centennial Foxtrot  G 
Chinese Breakdown *  G 
Click Go The Shears *  G 
Cold Frosty Morning  G 
Coleman's March  D 
Columbus Stockade Blues *  G 
Contributing to the Delinquency of AM  Am 
Cuckoo's Nest  D 
Dancing Bear  Em 
Dancing Clown  D 
Dark Town Strutter's Ball  C 
Dill Pickles Rag  G/D/C 
Doodler's Reel  G 
Down Yonder  G 
Dusty Bob's Jig  G 
Eddie's Reel  G 
Efterkaelken  D 
Emma's Pride  D 
Far Away  D 
Festival Rag  D 
Five Foot Two *  C 
Five Steps Down  G 
Flight Of The Haggis  D 
Flop-Eared Mule  D 
For Me and My Gal  Am 
Francis Lake Soiree  G 
Frisco Waltz  D 
Front Porch Waltz  G 
Gary Owen  G 
Girl With The Blue Dress On  G 
God Bless America  G 
Goin' Uptown  D 
Golden Keyboard  Em 
Golden Slippers *  G 
Grandfather's Clock *  G 
Harvest Home *  D 
Headin' to Evart  D 
Hewlett  D 
Hey Polka  D 
Holly Berry  G 
Hundred Pipers *  A 
I Saw The Light  G 
In the Garden *  G/C 
In The Mood *  G 
Inisheer  G 
Irish Washerwoman  G 
Isle Of Capri *  G 
It's A Small World *  G 
Jamie Allen  G 
January Waltz  G 
Jenny Lind Polka  D 
Jimmy's Favorite Jig  G 
John Ryan's Polka  D 
Julida Polka *  C 
Jump At The Sun  Em 
Just Because *  C/D/G 
Karjalan Pojat Polka  C 
Katushka  C(Am) 
Kentucky Waltz  C 
Kiowa Special  D 
La Cumparsita  Am 
Liberty  D 
Liberty (as a Waltz)  D 
Louis Beaudoin's Reel  D 
Lover's Waltz  D 
Manitoba Golden Boy *  G 
Maple Sugar  D 
March Of St. Timothy *  G 
Metsakukkia  C/Am 
Midnight On The Water  D 
Missouri *  G(Em) 
Mockingbird Hill *  G 
Mountainbelle Schottische *  G/D/C 
Mr Gubbin's Bicycle  G 
Nail That Catfish To A Tree  G 
Niskayuna Ramble  G 
Old Joe Clark  D 
Old Spinning Wheel *  C 
Over The Waterfall  D 
Painter's Polka  D 
Patriotic Medley - This Land Is Your Land (2), You're A Grand Old Flag (2), When The Saints (2), This Land Is Your Land (1)  G 
Patty Ann  D 
Pays de Haut  D 
Peek-A-Boo Waltz *  C 
Peter's Kick  Am 
Pig Ankle Rag  A 
Prairie Flower  G 
Puncheon Floor  G 
Ragtime Annie  D 
Rakes Of Mallow  G 
Ramsey Schottische  G 
Red Apple Rag *  G 
Red River Valley  G 
Red Wing *  G 
Religious Medley II-When The Roll/Up Yonder (2G), Church In The Wildwood (2G-1C) *  G/C 
Religious Medley I-Old Time Religion (3), Do Lord (2), I'll Fly Away (2), Do Lord (1) *  G 
Reminisce  G 
Reunion  G 
Riding On A Load of Hay  Em 
Road To Boston *  D 
Road to Lisdoonvarna  Em 
Rollstone Mountain  D 
Sarah Armstrong & Single Footin' Horse  D 
Saro Waltz  D 
Scollay's Reel  Em 
Shennandoah Falls  D 
Shepherd's Wife Waltz  G 
Silver & Gold Two Step  G 
Simple Gifts *  D 
Single Footing Horse Medley  D 
Snake River Reel  D 
Snow Deer  G 
Soldier's Joy  D 
Sophrina *  G 
Southwind *  G 
Spider on the Bedpost  D 
Springtime In The Rockies *  G 
St. Anne's Reel  G 
Steel Guitar Rag *  G 
Steppin' Out With George  A 
Stone's Rag  G 
Strolling By The Fox  D 
Swallowtail Jig  D 
Swinging On A Gate  D 
Tamlin  G(Em) 
Ten Strike  C 
Tennessee Waltz  C 
The Gale  C 
The Last Day of School  D 
The Rights of Man  G 
Tick Tock Polka *  G 
Till We Meet Again  G 
Trillium Twirl  C (Am) 
Turkey In The Straw  G 
Uncle Carl's Club Reel  G 
Under The Double Eagle March  G 
Up The Buckhorn Way  D 
Viola's Schottische  G 
Washington Square  G 
Waynesboro  G 
Westby Schottische *  G 
Westphalia Waltz *  G 
Wheels *  G 
Where The White Lillies Grow  G 
Whiskey Before Breakfast  D 
Wild Irish Rose *  C 
Wildwood Flower *  D 
Willow Waltz *  G 
You Are My Sunshine *  G 

*Denotes song is on a Club CD.  All songs used with permission.  Updated 07/01/16